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Privacy Policy

ANTIQUES Etcetera recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information.

Personal information is any and all of the information specific to you that you provide to ANTIQUES Etcetera in person in the store, by mail, through the Internet or by any other means.  This includes personal data as varied as the information you enter on an online registration form or questions you ask via email.  Outlined below is our policy in the format of frequently asked questions.

When does ANTIQUES Etcetera collect personal information?

  • Information send to ANTIQUES Etcetera by email or by mail.
  • Information entered on a Purchase Lay-a-Way application.

How does ANTIQUES Etcetera use personal information?

  • As appropriate in the normal course of business to provide the products and services that have been requested.
  • As necessary to provide positive identification of individuals when they contact ANTIQUES Etcetera.
  • If authorized ANTIQUES Etcetera will include information such as names, mail addresses and email addresses on mailing lists maintained by ANTIQUES Etcetera to inform interested persons of new aquisitions, sales, etc.

Will ANTIQUES Etcetera disclose any of my personal information to a third party?

Antiques etcetera will not disclose any personal information to a third party unless otherwise authorized to do so by the person providing the information.